Please watch this space for notice of events . We have had a most interesting outing forall interested members of our churches in Cavan last Saturday.28th of April2012.This outing was well planned .It took us to The Crossfire Trust near Keady Co Armagh. This was a great experience .We learned about how the Bothwell family are reaching out to both sides of the community with the hand of Friendship & love . We could see the amount of sacrifice these people have made over the past years in times of trouble & are continuing to do so even today ..This is a well worthwhile trip for anyone & deserves our support, These great people supplied us with a  hearty lunch  —all home cooked. The next step of our journey was a guided tour of Armagh .This city has a wonderful History & is also worth seeing & hearing.

From Armagh we travelled to Monaghan where our thoughtful organisers  had planned dinner for us .We had a lovely dinner in the Four Sasons Hotel. All set off for Cavan .It was a wonderful day ..well organised & was funded by  PEACE  111 FUNDING. Keep in touch with  Cavanm Protestant Network  for the next outing .Also you are welcome to come to our meetings

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